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Interior Decoration Ideas and Tips

Interior decoration is a concept that makes your spaces more enjoyable. It is actually a collection of ideas that are applied to various elements in a home or office. After the successful implementations of these concepts, there is more harmony between the various elements and this positively influences the life of inhabitants in the space.

Several reasons come to my mind, why implementing Interior Decoration ideas in a home/office can be a fruitful exercise. The foremost reason is that your home is a place where your mind can have different types of states such as relaxation, enjoyment, anxiety, stress, etc. There are many times, you need help from the surroundings to regain your energy during the day. A good interior decorator works with the elements so that positive energy is reinforced and negative energy is minimized. A home full of interesting and energetic elements, bold colors, and refreshing decorative pieces (like some abstract wall art) can help you regain your energy.

Second reason why interior decoration ideas provide tremendous benefit is that your home reflects your personality. Most of us already have a picture of our dream space in our mind, yet it is very hard for us to execute that picture in reality. The decorating choices we make can vary substantially from the dream space in our mind. Understanding the choices available for different elements becomes an important aspect and an expert interior designer will help you uncover your hidden ideas and help you design a perfect atmosphere.

Apart from uncovering the ideas, when you work with an interior decoration expert she provides valuable input for space planning, lighting, windows, flooring, ceiling, wall décor, colors, furniture, accessories such as such as draperies, Valances, Curtains and so on. It is very interesting to know about all the décor elements, incorporate those elements and bring out the usable interior for your home/office. There is a huge variety of material available in the market for each of the category I just noted and multiple brands for the same material type increases the complexity of the process. Yet, the whole interior decoration should be seen as a fun thing to do as the end result of this exercise will make you happy every time you walk in your home or invite some one else to visit it.

Classics Furniture Design

There are several furniture pieces which were acknowledged as classics from the day they were made, while some happen to be slow burners and therefore are but now enjoying an elevation to classic status as we have experienced time to think back at periods with better perspective. In recent times, some pieces have grown to be so familiar they almost border on cliché, such as the hanging ball seat by Eero Aarnio or even the Eames lounge chair with its matching ottoman.

It is a wonderful irony however that certain of the greatest furniture classics of the 20th century is really a lowly café seat developed in the mid nineteenth century- the Thonet bentwood chair. In the 1920s and 1930s and again in the 1960s, when Victorian furniture became all the rage in the Pop period, this elegant and sturdy yet uniquely lightweight chair had the design establishment spellbound- such is its versatility. It is still easy to locate one today but such is its status that the original now carries a museum piece price tag.

Such is its popularity however, it has spawned many an alternative and copy which are all comparatively cheap and may be found in almost any furniture store in the country. Containing nothing more than two up-ended U’s which make in the arm rests and legs, along with a reclining J which makes up the seat, the Thonet chair oozes refined elegance and style.

Most other classics tend to have been extremely labor intensive to manufacture and made from costly high-quality materials, and also have therefore remained highly exclusive and expensive pieces. One very well known example is the chair designed by Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the Barcelona Exhibition of 1929. With its luxurious padded leather upholstery and polished steel frame, the Barcelona chair was later to become symbolic of the reception areas of chic 1950s offices and affluent penthouses. Today, due to the popularity of the Modern retro look, they’re again appearing in the same kind of locations and regularly make staring appearances in the bedrooms and living rooms of T.V. favorite Grand Designs!

Modern interiors take good furniture as their main focus, so really give your rooms something to focus on. The most iconic furniture pieces, such as the ones mentioned, are timeless. Such pieces can sit harmoniously next to good contemporary furniture if chosen and arranged confidently. There isn’t any point going to all of the trouble of sourcing out such items if you are only going to make an effort to seamlessly blend them into your modern home- display them proudly. Built a feeling of occasion around them by directing spotlights onto chairs, pulling settees off the beaten track, framing tables from underneath with colorful rugs or just choose some seating in a shade that contrasts together with your existing furniture. Add just a few carefully selected items such as ornaments or pictures that evoke a spirit of the period in which your classic furniture was made and you will have set the style and the look of the whole interior.


The Caring For Your Rug

If you buy a rug, you’re adding a little flavor to the room. Be it warmth, color, texture, or even the pattern, simply mind boggling how something as simple as a rug can change the landscape of a room for each season. However, they are doing have to be cleaned, which is why we desired to give you a few tips today.

The easiest method to take care of your rug is by determining the size, material, and construction.

We’ve come up with several useful tips that can help a person with a common rug. On some occasions you might own a unique rug that needs special attention, so be sure to check the guidelines.

Staying with the fundamentals

#1 Storing Your Rug- When you have to put an area rug away for a certain period of time, make sure you have it professional cleaned before wrapping it up. It’ll help you avoid damage. Oh, and make sure the storage area is climate controlled.

#2 Care Tags- It’s important to keep your care tag intact when you it’s time to get it cleaned. If you do not, it will wear away and you won’t remember how to ensure that it stays looking new.

#3 Larger Rugs- Should you own an enormous rug, you probably have to give it special attention. Most people call these wall-to-wall carpet as well. Continue reading

Top Tips on Choosing a Heating System

At some point you will need to choose a new heating system for your house or apartment, and although it may seem like a difficult job you can make the task much easier simply by following a few simple rules.

The first thing to think about is how big your house or apartment actually is. Many people will usually try to fit the biggest heating system or the most powerful heating system that they can afford, but in the case of a fairly compact apartment you may be able to save yourself some money by purchasing a fairly economical system because you simply will not need much power at all. On the other hand if the house is quite big you will need to err on the side of caution and get something which may be a little bit too powerful because the last thing you want is to have a cold house in the middle of winter.

Something that many people do not consider is how warm they actually need to be. Many people believe that the need to heat the house to about 20 or 22 degrees C, but for many people this can be too warm, and it is a fact that an ambient temperature can be from 15 degrees C to 18 degrees C, even in the middle of winter. In this case a fairly simple heating system may be exactly what you need.

The final thing that you need to bear in mind is whether or not you need a heating system which will give you heating and hot water as well. A system which is made simply to heat the rooms will not need to be as powerful as one which is made to give you hot water as well. Some systems may have a separate boiler for the central heating, and a different system for supplying hot water, and in this case you need to look at which is the cheapest choice.

The Gorgeous Window Curtain

Curtains play a very important role in enhancing your place. Your room looks beautiful and attractive with curtains. Decorating your room with windows is affordable and this is effortless, indeed very easy. Window curtains leave an elegant impact as well as, they block sunlight. People these days generally use blinds but curtain are classic. In olden instances when blinds weren’t introduced, people used curtains in order to block sunlight and also to protect their privacy from outsiders or privacy invaders.

Window curtains are comparatively cheap are available everywhere. You don’t have to organize actually in deciding things. However, you have to be sure about the colors of your walls as window curtains majorly depend upon the colors of your walls and also the settings of your rooms. There are various styles of window-curtains and you can choose from any of these stunning designs. Today, many designers design windows to be able to provide the window curtains a different look. You can also personalize or customize your window curtains.

The choice of window curtains depends upon you completely. Should you be looking forward to decorate your windows with light curtains, make sure that your walls are colored in white or gray or pink, and so on. Window curtains generally give serene feeling which are light in weight. However, heavy material window curtains are also available, depending upon your decision and taste. Material of window curtains seems to be light in weight however these window curtains comprise heavy material as well as give you warm feeling in the winter months (cozy feeling). Window-curtains look beautiful and they can make you feel comfortable by providing your place a brand new look by adding exquisiteness. Continue reading

Return To Decorating With Wall Paper

Just like so many other trends in home styles and decorating, wallpaper has ridden increasing and falling waves of popularity over the years. However, recently wallpaper has come back into style with some rich new designs and textures. Whether making your new home unique, or prepping your house on the market, wallpapering can provide great visual interest.

Be assured, the new wall coverings available are not the same as in years passed by, though some of the designs have a distinctly retro feel. Papers range from Victorian to geometrical, from vinyls to fabrics, and small repeats to entire murals. So that as with all decorating elements, there is a product for each budget range.

When setting out to wallpaper in your house, consider what style of design would look best in your room; think about what type of furniture that room has. For example, if your furniture is modern you might not want to invest in a traditional floral paper design. If your room offers quite a bit going on inside it already, you may want to try papering just one focal wall to help keep it from having too much visual clutter.

If you want a monochromatic look, consider a paint able wall covering. The texture within the paper covers damaged walls that would show through a flat paper and you can paint it to match your decor. Continue reading