The Pleasures of Outdoor Living

Happy-CocooningCreating a comfortable outdoor space, beautifying your garden area, installing a poolside outdoor kitchen or even a covered outdoor living room has become a popular way to extend the livable portion of your property.  In addition, the return on investment (ROI) is generally positive as outdoor living spaces, landscaping, decks and patios can make all the difference when you’re ready to sell your home.

When I was a child, “Outdoor Living” meant playing outside while my parents sat on the front stoop visiting with the neighbors, passing time until the street lights went on and all the kids came home. That was before every house had a backyard patio or deck and leaf blowers hadn’t been invented. The focus back then was on neighborhoods and the community outside. As an adult, the popular trend was “cocooning.”

Thankfully, that time has passed and now, we’re all about connections. The cycle is back to nature, green things and community good. Along with that, people are re-discovering their backyards, gardening and the pleasures of outdoor life.

Creating separate outdoor spaces allows you to create functional, yet unique designs for each of area. The more successful you are in physically separating one outdoor living space from another, the more flexibility you have to diversify. For example, group your outdoor living furniture into conversation areas, use living screens (plants, trees, flowers) to provide privacy and think of each section as a separate outdoor room. Continue reading “The Pleasures of Outdoor Living”

Roof Shapes and Designs

Roof shapes

A house will look impressive from the outside if it has an attractive roof. While your roof is a big structural component of your house, it is also a major part of how your house looks on the exterior. It has aesthetic value that will make your house look charming to others. Nowadays, there are a number of roof designs that you can choose from. These designs vary geographically, from one place to another. Depending on where you live, professionals like Fortified Roofing can recommend which type of roof and roofing materials are best for you. Weather also plays an important role in the shapes and designs of specific roofs. We can’t forget about the architects’ creativity as well! Depending on the designer, some might be more colorful or bleak compared to others.

There are basically five shapes of roofs that are common. The first one is a gable roof. It usually has two sides that look like an upturned V. It is widely regarded as a very minimalist and plain type of roof. Some architects try to modify the gable roof in a couple of different ways so that it looks more complex and interesting. If you’re building a shed or small building, and want a simple looking roof, you’ll want to take a look at the pent roof. This roof is typically found on a shed or cabin. It is perfect for a house that is located next to a wall. In order to make it look more charming, some architects will design a house with multi layered pent roofs. If you live in an area that sees little rainfall, you might want to opt for a flat roof. This roof can also be used as a roof garden and is popular among restaurants in bustling cities.

If you have a small house, the gambrel roof can be one of your options. This particular roof has four sheds. The two of them are shaped like an upturned V. Meanwhile, the other two sheds are on the lower end and steeper. With this kind of roof, the owner can use the area under the roof as storage or as an attic. A hip roof is also pretty common. It has four sheds and no gables. This kind of roof offers very little storage though and is, therefore not suitable for a small house.

I hope this article has helped in your understanding of the different types of roofs that are available to you. Remember to contact your local roofing company for some more expert advice.