Monochromatic? Fantastic! You Can’t Go Wrong With Just One Emblazon

We’re inside the belly of the dragon, the entire year that’s, 2012 is the year of prosperity, welfare and color. That last a part of that statement is the reason why we’re here, let’s discuss color for a while, shall we? What is the color trend which has been sweeping the entire word until this primary quarter of the Dragon Year? On good authority, some people would say turquoise, a mixture of blue and green, much like the vividness of the dark blue sea, but let’s face the facts, it’s still the first phase of the twelve months, such as the inevitable season change, the color trend is going to be seeing shifting period.

Color plays many in designing a home as well as putting the furniture inside, at this time, with the very forward contemporary style which has been dominating the industry of interior design, it’s almost too rare to discover one simplistic color for one room, there always this juxtaposition of colors, pairing contrasting color to make one room seem lively and much more fresh, but how about those people who are fans of one color, don’t they have a say within the war of color?

Monochromatic has stood the face of time, it’ll never go away, it would only get tougher and stronger

In the world of interior designing or decor there was and still is definitely an ideology that may ‘t be changed with any time construct, style as well as people, which orientation is something called the Monochromatic Decor. Everyone can do wonderful thing with only one, it doesn’t have to be constant, static and boring sight to see, like the images on a hotel chromecast. The fantastic thing about monochromatic decoration is the fact that everyone can combine any kind of furniture, from Victorian chairs, Medieval round table, 19th century paintings, avant-garde couch to a lcd screen plasma television so that you can match the color of the walls, monochromatic ideology bodes well with any kind and style of furniture, any differentiation of color albeit it must stay in one color region however, monochromatic styling can come out as amazing if executed perfectly through the designers.

To the monochromatic lovers, the style is really a symbol of their favorite colors, their inner colors, as they say

Monochromatic decoration often utilizes a symphony of unilateral color, for instance, a living room can be transformed into a breathing space filled with color, especially with purple and pink, the room can be rife with Victorian style but rather of the old, dense and turn of century titling, the living room could be changed into a far more lively space using the play of pink and purple, the wall may use a Victorian pattern however with a ray of maroon color to coincide with the purple ambiance, chairs and couches will look chic having a touch of velvet material, add some satin drapes with deep pink color and voila, a very beautiful vibe that may be gone through by guests upon entering, guests would immediately imagine shishas, sultans and princesses, all dressed in pink, purple and maroon, blending using the surroundings.

To some people who enjoy soft colors, monochromatic could possibly be the ultimate choice, variants of color that implies softness are light blue and light grey. Home designers can paint the wall of the living room with a light blue palette to add some freshness to it, and install some light grey drapes to create that harmonious pairing. With the already delicate ambiance, add some easygoing color furniture and ornaments to make a soft and warm room for the entire family.

A lot of people say that monochromatic style is boring and absolutely nothing extraordinary about this, and that’s somewhat true, monochromatic could be unamusing if viewed too much time or make the eyes red because of the brightening colors, but then again, many people have numerous opinoins. To the monochromatic lovers, the style is really a symbol of the favorite colors, their inner colors, as they say. In the right and creative hands, monochromatic decor can be an art, a living and not to mention 3D work of art that you can look, use and lay on. Again, the style is up to the choice of the folks, but simply an indication, monochromatic has stood the face of time, it will never go away, it might only get tougher and stronger much like the color it carries, some say “the more, the merrier.” Well, to the monochromatic society, one is better than two or “if it ain’t one, it’s nothing.” So pick a lane, are you currently monogamous or are you currently a contrarian?

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