Pick The Right Paint For Your Bedroom

Painting your bedroom on your own or with the help of a house painter is definitely an inexpensive way to get a whole new look. However, some people think it is to be a massive task to choose a color or kind of paint. Many simply stare in the thousands of color swatches within the store after which walk away confused without ever picking out a color!

If you are planning to have a bedroom painting project, the first step would be to pick a range of colors or color theme. You may consult residential and commercial painters for the best color swatches that can perfectly match the style of your bedroom. That way, when you enter in a paint supplies store, you can limit your selection of color swatches to those in that general color shade. This article about Residential Painting: Which Paint Should You Use For Your Home will help you pick the right paint.

If you want your bedroom to evoke a certain mood, some colors have been shown be superior at evoking certain emotions or moods. Calming colors are soft colors – blues, greens, and lavenders in a muted shade. Anything too vivid or bright will not be calming. If you’re decorating to have a calming effect these colors go very well together. You could punch it up a little with a few brighter accents in the same colors but with a different tone. I like a sage green for the walls with a few light sky blues and lavenders sprinkled around the rooms Bedding, wall coverings and flooring could be a solid color to keep the calm mood going. Accent with candles and perhaps a table top waterfall.

On the other hand, you might want to paint your bedroom in order that it energizes. Maybe you wish to awaken in the morning ready to go! Then you might want to try bright colors like reds and yellows with perhaps a little bit of orange thrown in. I love the feel of deep red walls even if it might take several coats to cover! Yellow and orange create a nice color combination – maybe a bit 70’s so you could do a nice retro design with these colors. Slow it down a little by using brown being an accent. Of course, you can always use red with black and white for any classically contemporary look. And there is always a white room (bedding, walls, and floors) with bright red, yellow, blue and orange accents for any mid century believe will spice up the place.

For a more elegant kind of bedroom, you might go for tans of off whites. These may match perfectly with some darker, rich colors like maroon, gold, or even black. Use some deep jewel tones to create a romantic but calming feeling. Gray and brown can be a nice modern color palette – use deep colors not light and you’ll be surprised how this could give the room a cozy feel that might be more modern.

Another choice you may have to make is that if you would like to use traditional paints or get an effect on your walls with special effect paints. You can add texture to your walls with paints which have texture build in, or use special paint to get the look of marble or ” old world ” plaster.
Some of these use solvent based glazes yet others have specially made paint just for that one look you want. A visit to your local Home Depot will discover these paints as well as free classes on how to apply them.

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