Tips to Design Your 5th Wall

Ceiling, or people often call it as the 5th wall, is another important part you should pay more attention during the process of home design. Some experts even say that the inspiration of a house comes from the top side; meaning that ceiling is an essential part of a home.

What to do in designing a great ceiling is various. You can start it by integrating it with the whole design of the room. It is necessary to have a harmonious and balanced look of the entire room. Mostly, it will be about the color and the pattern you might want to have in the top part.

If you want to bring architectural features to your house through the ceiling, it is time to add texture or divide it. Artwork, wallpaper, cabling, coffered ceiling, wooden beams, and bead board are some examples of architectural ceiling inspiration. Choose the one that you love and goes cordially with the full room design.

Next step, you can think about how the light will shine in your room. Large and exotic ceiling lamp can be a great choice for you whose ceiling is quite tall. In this case, the light can spread throughout the room. Besides the lamp, fan can be another consideration for ceiling accessories.

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